A pioneering approach to renewables

LGE is an energy consultancy that enjoys a unique position in the sector as part of the acclaimed Greengen Group. On the renewables front, LGE works alongside Greengen Group companies Kirk Environmental and Farmgen, continuing to build on its unrivalled expertise in Anaerobic Digestion (AD).

Kirk specialise in providing liquid and biogas storage solutions with all ancillary equipment as a specialist design & build contractor for water, wastewater & bioenergy infrastructure. Kirk works in partnership with clients, main contractors & process technology providers to construct projects throughout the UK, Ireland & Mainland Europe. Farmgen specialise in developing, managing and operating plants.

The group has a £30 million investment programme, and a further £300 million of funding to invest in AD over the coming years. Greengen also owns a considerable solar business, with 1000kw of solar PV installed to date.

As a group of companies, Greengen is uniquely placed to assist clients with AD ambitions. LGE has a strong working relationship with the parent company, and through experience and expertise LGE is able to provide advice and support on subsidy options and post construction activity. LGE also provides bureau and Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) services to generators. Farmgen, are expert operators of AD facilities, specialising in agricultural and industrial AD. Kirk Environmental boasts unrivalled expertise in AD engineering.