Energy Trader Daily

Energy Trader Daily (ETD) is the leading UK energy trading desk which examines markets such as; carbon, coal, oil, electricity, and utilises established methodologies, in order to deliver exceptional market intelligence, focusing on both fundamental and technical analysis. ETD offers a wealth of knowledge, real time streaming direct to your desk, and an expert trading analyst team.

LGE can work with clients to agree a suitable tailor made package that meets the end users requirements.

Having access to these services will bring a number of benefits to the user. Firstly, understanding of the market is essential when making decisions; the knowledge and intelligence ETD can provide enables end users to optimise their portfolios by cutting out trading inefficiencies. Real time updates and market understanding enables the end user to respond quickly and effectively to dynamic market changes, as the clients will be one of the first to know. Clear and concise information from ETD will also help develop your understanding of the market, in turn helping to plan for the future.

Keeping one step ahead is essential to maintaining a competitive position in a volatile and uncertain market.

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